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Ravinia Music Box to Open with Theater Experience Celebrating The Legacy Of Leonard Bernstein
On Saturday, August 7, the Ravinia Festival and Jeffrey P. Haydon, its President and CEO, will officially unveil the Ravinia Music Box (RMB)…

From the Archives: MASS in Virginia
As I approached the great honor of conducting Leonard Bernstein's MASS, I was reminded so strongly of my personal experiences with this extr…

From the Archives: Today's MASS
As a seminarian, I was shaken to the core by these words and the all-enveloping theatrical experience of seeing Bernstein's MASS in 1973 at …

Bringing Classical Music into Children's Homes with TONIES®
Inspiring the next generation by introducing children to classical music early, tonies® has launched a delightful double-bill showcasing ch…

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Saturday July 31, 2021
7:00 pm
Perinton Center Stage Amphiteater, Perinton, NY, United States
2:00 pm
Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Brisbane, Australia
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