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Two Love Songs (1949

In 1949, Bernstein set a pair of texts by the poet Rainer Maria Rilke: Extinguish My Eyes and When My Soul Touches Yours.

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The Leonard Bernstein Office Mission

The Leonard Bernstein Office (LBO) sustains and strengthens Leonard Bernstein’s legacy by inspiring global engagement with his work as a composer, conductor, educator, and humanitarian. Through licensing, promotion, music editing, and publishing, the LBO strives to communicate his lifelong devotion to the transformative power and joy of music.

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Thus Spake Leonard Bernstein:

"I can do things in the performance of music, and so can any conductor or performer, that if I did on an ordinary street would land me in jail. In other words, I can fume and rage and storm at a hundred men in an orchestra and make them play this or that chord, and get rid of all kinds of tensions and hostilities. By the time I come to the end of Beethoven's Fifth, I'm a new man. Whereas if I did that down on Seventh Avenue, I'd be picked up. This is a very lucky kind of profession."

-Leonard Bernstein, 1963

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