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Round for Chorus and Piano

In this composition for the synagogue, Leonard Bernstein sets to music the popular liturgical hymn Yigdal, a poetic statement of the Maimonidean creed [thirteen principles of the Jewish faith] that often marks the end of the evening service. Bernstein's Yigdal was written for the United Synagogue Commission on Jewish Education and included in Harry Coopersmith's anthology, U-leshonenu rinah: The Songs We Sing (New York, 1950).


Sung in Hebrew

We exalt and praise the presence of the living God;
His existence and being transcend all time - was, is, and will forever be.
His essence is unity - His uniqueness lies in His oneness, He is unlike any other unity;
That oneness is inscrutable and without end.
Praised be His glorious name for all eternity.

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(1950) 2 min
from Sabbath Evening service (H)
World Premiere:
May 1, 1993. *Kilbourn Hall/Eastman School of Music (A), University of Rochester, New York, NY, United States | Samuel Adler, Conductor; Eastman Players; Rochester Singers, Choir
Chorus and Piano
Version Notes
*Premiere recording.

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“Yigdal: A Round for Jewish Voices.” Holograph score.
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Bernstein: Yigdal
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