Works Choral Simchu Na (1947)


(Sung in Hebrew, arr. by L. Bernstein)
"Let us celebrate and throw off our burden!
It's a joyous holiday for us; a great day for us.
We have created something out of nothing
With the hand that sows and plows.
Flint rocks and stones flow with abundant waters;
Strength, might and courage.
Awake, awaken and be revived among the sickle bearers!
Persist in work and toil;
The strength of our spirit should not fall,
Awaken, awake!"
(translated by Eliyahu Mishulovin).

This arrangement was done for the Pacific Symphonietta and Chorus at the invitation of dancer Corrine Chochem for her album Four Horah Dances (Alco Records) and was conducted by film composer Victor Young.

Notes by Jack Gottlieb

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(1947) 3 min
Original melody and text: Matityahu Weiner
SATB chorus and piano (arr. Bernstein)

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Corrine Chochem's album Four Horah Dances
Alco Records Alco Records

Simhu Na
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