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Bernstein dedicated Halil "to the spirit of Yadin [Tenenbaum] and his fallen brothers.” Tanenbaum was an Israeli flute student killed in his tank close to the Suez Canal during the 1973 war. The title "Halil" is the Hebrew word for flute.

"Halil is formally unlike any other work I have written, but it is like much of my music in its struggle between tonal and non-tonal forces. In this case I sense that struggle as involving wars and the threats of wars, the overwhelming desire to live and the consolations of art, love, and the hope for peace."
-Leonard Bernstein

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(1981) 16 min
World Premiere:
May 27, 1981. Sultan's Pool, Jerusalem, Israel | Jean-PIerre Rampal, flute / Israel Philharmonic Orchestra / Leonard Bernstein, conductor
Flute solo-picc.aft-timp.perc(5)-harp-strings
(1987) 16 min
Flute, Piano, and percussion (timp-optional/4SD/4tom-t/BD/cyms/2susp.cym/2gongs/tam-t/2tgl/ 2wdbl/whip)

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Poppies growing in Sultan's Pool, Jerusalem where Halil received its premiere in 1981
RonAlmog (via Wikimedia Commons) RonAlmog (via Wikimedia Commons)

Halil [program note, Israel Philharmonic], 1981 May 23
Library of Congress Digital Archives Library of Congress Digital Archives

Bernstein: Halil, Nocturne For Solo Flute, String Orchestra And Percussion
Bernstein conducts Bernstein Bernstein conducts Bernstein