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Seven Anniversaries

Composed in Boston and New York City, 1942-43.
First performance: WNYC Radio, 1943; Leonard Bernstein, piano
First concert performance: 14 May 1944 at the Opera House, Boston, MA, United States; Leonard Bernstein, piano

For Aaron Copland
For My Sister, Shirley
In Memoriam: Alfred Eisner
For Paul Bowles
In Memoriam: Nathalie Koussevitzky
For Sergei Koussevitzky
For William Schuman

Four Anniversaries

Composed in 1948.
First performance: Eudice Podis, piano, on 1 October 1948; Cleveland, Ohio.
Duration: ca. 6 minutes.

For Felicia Montealegre
For Johnny Mehegan
For David Diamond
For Helen Coates

Five Anniversaries

Composed 1949-51.
Duration: ca. 7 minutes.

For Elizabeth Rudolf
For Lukas Foss
For Elizabeth B. Ehrman
For Sandy Gellhorn
For Susanna Kyle

Thirteen Anniversaries

Composition was completed in 1988.
Duration: ca. 23 minutes.

For Shirley Gabis Rhoads Perle
In Memoriam: William Kapell
For Stephen Sondheim
For Craig Urquhart
For Leo Smit
For My Daughter, Nina
In Memoriam: Helen Coates
In Memoriam: Goddard Lieberson
For Jessica Fleischmann
In Memoriam: Constance Hope
For Felicia, On Our 28th Birthday (& Her 52nd)
For Aaron Stern
In Memoriam: Ellen Goetz

*From "Five Anniversaries", Music by Leonard Bernstein.
©1949-51, renewed 1964
Sebastian Knauer, piano.
℗1998 Deutsche Grammophon GmbH, Hamburg. 459 147-2

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(1943) 11 min
World Premiere:
May 14, 1944. Opera House, Boston, MA, United States | Leonard Bernstein, piano
for piano
Version Notes
I. For Felicia Montealegre, II. For Johnny Mehegan, III. For David Diamond, IV. For Helen Coates
(1948) 6 min
World Premiere:
October 1, 1948. Cleveland, Ohio | Eudice Podis, piano
for piano
(1949-51) 7 min
for piano
(1988) 23 min
for piano

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Bernstein: Seven Anniversaries (1943) - For William Schuman / Leonard Bernstein, piano Recorded September 17, 1947.


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