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Leonard Bernstein Works for Smaller Ensembles

For Live Performance under Social Distancing Regulations

As presenters and performers continue to contend with restrictions imposed by coronavirus and the performing arts search for ways to restart, Leonard Bernsteinl's innovative scores offer a wide range of audience-pleasers. In both theaters and concert halls, producers may choose from a myriad of compositions--in original orchestrations or in authorized arrangements--that call for smaller ensembles and simplify the process of resuming live performances.

Small Ensemble (6 to 20 players):

  • Fancy Free (1944) 27' chamber version for 18 players, arr. Garth Edwin Sunderland
    Scoring: 1(=picc).1.2.2(II=cbn) - - timp - traps - pno(=cel) - str
  • Prelude, Fugue, & Riffs (1949) 9’ for solo clarinet and jazz ensemble
    Scoring: 2asax(I=cl).2tsax.barsax-5tpt.4trbn-pft-perc(2)-solo db
  • On the Waterfront - Presto Barbaro (1954) 3’ for brass, percussion, and piano, trans. Frank Erickson
  • Piccola Serenata (1979) 1’ for voice and chamber ensemble, arr. Sid Ramin
    Scoring: 2.0.2(=bcl).0--perc:glsp/sm.tgl--harp--strings

Medium Ensemble (21-50 players):

  • Overture to Candide (1956) 4’
    For string orchestra, arr. Garth Edwin Sunderland
    Scoring: strings-timp.perc(1)-harp(optional)
    For chamber orchestra (pit version)
    Scoring: 2(II=picc).1.2(I=Ebcl,II=bcl).1-
  • Overture to West Side Story (1957) 5’ for chamber orchestra (pit version)
    Scoring: 1.picc.1.2.bcl.1- vla)
  • Overture to Wonderful Town (1963) 6’ for chamber orchestra (pit version)
    Scoring: 2(II=picc).1(=corA).2.2asax(II=bsax).2tsax.barsax.1-
  • Anniversaries 15' for orchestra, arr. Garth Edwin Sunderland
    Scoring: 2(I,II=picc).2(II=corA).2(I=Ebcl,II=bcl).2(II=dbn)-2.2.2(2=btbn).0-timp.perc(2)-Pft-strings
  • Dybbuk (1974) 47' chamber version for 23 players, arr. Garth Edwin Sunderland
    Scoring: 1(=picc).1(=corA).2.bcl.1(=cbn) - - perc - pno - hp - str
  • Afterthought: Study for the Ballet Facsimile (1945) 4’ for voice and orchestra

Medium Ensemble (21-50) with Soloist(s):

  • Serenade (after Plato's 'Symposium') (1954) 30' - for solo violin, harp, percussion, and strings
    Scoring: harp-timp.perc(5)-strings
  • Prelude, Fugue, and Riffs (1949) 9’ for solo clarinet and orchestra, arr. Lukas Foss
    Scoring: (optional: tuba may double trbn 4)
  • Three Meditations from MASS (1971) 16’ for cello and orchestra
    Scoring: solo cello.organ-pft-harp-perc(3)-strings
  • Halil (1981) 16’ for solo flute and small orchestra
    Scoring: Flute solo-picc.aft-timp.perc(5)-harp-strings
  • Sonata for Clarinet (1942) 10’ for clarinet and orchestra, orch. Sid Ramin
    Scoring: solo cl-perc(1)-pft-strings
  • West Side Story - Suite (1957/2010) 22’ for guitar and small orchestra, arr. for Lucien Plessner
    Scoring: solo guitar.fl-hn.flugel hn-perc(ad lib)-strings
  • West Side Story - Concert Suite No. 1 (1957/1992) 20’ for soprano and tenor soloists and orchestra
    Scoring: 2.1(=corA).3(III=bcl).1-
  • Opening Prayer (1986) 6’ for baritone and orchestra
    Scoring: 2.2.corA.2.bcl.2.dbn-

Chamber Operas/Stage Works:

  • TROUBLE IN TAHITI (1951) 40' One act opera in seven scenes
    Reduced Orchestration by Garth Edwin Sunderland
    5 Roles
    15-piece orchestra
    Reduced orchestration by Bernard Yannotta
    5 Roles
    8-piece orchestra
    Jazz Trio Version
    5 Roles
    Piano, traps, and bass
  • Leonard Bernstein’s New York 75’ for 2 vocalists, clarinet, guitar, drums/percussion, piano, bass
    Jazzy, romantic, edgy, elegant and lyrical, this two-person musical revue explores Leonard Bernstein’s passionate relationship with New York City.
  • PETER PAN (1950)
    Concert Version 55’ concert staging adapted by Nina Bernstein from the Novel "Peter and Wendy" by JM Barrie
    Voices: 3S, Bar, TTBB chorus
    Full Orchestration: 15-piece orchestra min.
    Reduced Orchestration: 5-piece orchestra, arr. Garth Edwin Sunderland
    Stage Version 120’ complete stage version
    Voices: 3S, Bar, TTBB chorus
    Full Orchestration: 15-piece orchestra min.
    Reduced Orchestration: 5-piece orchestra, arr. Garth Edwin Sunderland
  • CANDIDE (1956) 110’
    Royal National Theatre Version
    9 Roles + Ensemble
    14-piece orchestra
    Chelsea Version
    8 Roles + Ensemble
    13-piece orchestra
  • A Quiet Place (1984) 100’ Opera in three acts (18-instrument version, arr. Garth Edwin Sunderland)
    4 Major Roles; 6 Minor Roles; vocal quartet (SATB)
    18-piece orchestra min.
  • MASS (1971) 108’
    Celebrant (lead solo), Soloists (from Street People)
    SATB Choir (12); Boys' Choir (10 with boyS solo); Street People (16, plus 3 dancers)
    15-piece orchestra min.

Dramatic Song Cycles:

  • Arias and Barcarolles (1988) 31’
    Arr. for mezzo and baritone, strings and percussion, Bright Sheng version
    Scoring: perc(2) + strings
    Arr. for mezzo-soprano, baritone and chamber orchestra, Bruce Coughlin version
    14-piece orchestra min.
  • Songfest (1977) 41’ a cycle of American poems for soprano, mezzo, alto tenor, baritone and bass soloists and orchestra
    23-piece orchestra minimum

Chamber Ensemble - Instrumental (up to 5 players):

Voice(s) and Piano:


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