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Jamie Bernstein's New IDAGIO Interactive Course

Posted October 19, 2023

Jamie Bernstein is back with an iconic new IDAGIO Interactive course exploring the birth and explosion of American classical music in the 20th Century!

From Copland and Gershwin to Ellington and Bernstein, “The Concert Hall Becomes American” dives into the unique sound that makes the US brand of classical music unmistakable. Class starts November 5!

As the 20th century got under way, American music in the concert hall was finding its own musical identity; it would no longer be merely a pale imitation of Europe. The exciting new compositions reverberating in concert halls across the U.S. allowed audiences to hear their nation's own unique musical tributaries merging together to form a bold, new, identifiably American musical current. Thanks to the invention of recorded sound, we can actually hear American music coming into being, all these years later. Additionally, we can marvel at the way American composers reflected their nation's values through inclusivity and activism.

Join Jamie Bernstein on her exploration of four iconic 20th century composers who helped create a uniquely American flavor of classical music: Aaron Copland, George Gershwin, Duke Ellington, and Leonard Bernstein.

All sessions will be recorded and are available to participants for re-watching until Thu, Nov 4, 2038.


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