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BY BERNSTEIN, A Musical Cabaret
Book by Betty Comden & Adolph Green
Lyrics by Comden & Green, John Latouche , Jerry Leiber, Stephen Sondheim & LB
Orchestrations by Thomas Pierson
Written for this production by Comden & Green:
Originally from:
On The Town (Comden&Green)
Gabey's Comin'/Lonely Me
Say When/The Intermission's Great I'm Afraid It's Love
West Side Story (Sondheim)
Like Everybody Else
Peter Pan (LB )
Captain Hook's Soliloquy
Dream with Me
Candide (Latouche)
Wonderful Town (C&G)

A Pray by Blecht
The Coolie's Dilemma (Leiber)
In There (Sondheim)
The Skin of Our Teeth (C&G)
Spring Will Come Again
Here Comes the Sun
Never before performed songs at the time of the premiere
Another Love/I Know a Fellow/
It's Gotta Be Bad to Be Good
Rio Bamba/Ain't Got No Tears Left
The Story of My Life
FP: 23 November 1975/Chelsea Westside Theater, NYC/Michael Bawtree, dir/
Clay Fullum, cond.

CANDIDE (original version)
See Theater Works


For Orchestra
1. Fanfares and Titles II. Quiet Music III. Blues IV. Waltz V. Chorale
FP: 1 April 1978/CBS-TV

THE FIRSTBORN , Incidental Music for the play by Christopher Fry
Lyrics: Christopher Fry & LB
Tensret's Song (E)
FP: 29 April 1958/Coronet Theater, NYC
See Choral Works for Israelite Chorus (H)

GET HEP! (1955)   [
Marching Song Written for the Tercentary of Michigan State College
Lyrics: LB

Lyrics: Alan Jay Lerner
Dedication 2. Lonely Men of Harvard (Lament and March)
FP: 7 March 1957/Carnegie Hall, NYC
Harvard Glee Club & Band, G. Wallace Woodworth, cond.
Unpublished, Lyrics published in A Hymn To Him(The Lyrics of Alan Jay Lerner), Limelight Editions, NYC, 1987

For Orchestra
A third Meditation, which did not appear in the original stage version, was fashioned from various other materials in Mass.
FP: 21 May, 1972/Jerusalem/IPO; LB, cond.

First version (sequel to Trouble in Tahiti )   [
Libretto: Stephen Wadsworth and LB
Orchestrations by Irwin Kostal, Sid Ramin & LB
Commissioned by Houston Grand Opera, Kennedy Center and Teatro Alla Scala
FP: 17 June 1983, Jones Hall for the Performing Arts, Houston Grand Opera Texas:
Sheri Greenawald, Tim Nolen, Peter Kazaras, Chester Ludgin, Edward Crafts, Diane Kesling et al/Grethe Holby, choreo/Peter Mark Schifter, dir/John DeMain, cond.

Incidental Music for the play by Oscar Wilde
Chamber Orchestra for 8 players with vocal solos
Opening & Closing/Banquet Music/Offstage Singing/Dance of the Seven Veils
FP: Omnibus television show, 11 December 1955/Seymour Lipkin, cond.

A Musical Play about the Problems of Housekeeping
Book and Lyrics: Alan Jay Lerner
Orchestration: Sid Ramin and Hershy Kay
Act I : 1. Rehearse! 2. Ten Square Miles By the Potomac River 3. If I Was a Dove
4. Welcome Home, Miz Adams 5. Take Care of This House 6. The President Jefferson Sunday Luncheon Party March 7. Seena 8. Sonatina: Allegro con brio/Tempo di Menuetto (including To Anacreon in Heaven, later Star Spangled Banner)/Rondo 9. Lud's Wedding:
I Love My Wife 10. Auctions: The Little White Lie 11. Mark Of a Man 12. We Must Have a Ball 13. The Ball
Act II : 14. Bright and Black 15. Duet for One (The First Lady Of the Land) 15a. Hail Garfield 16. The Robber-Baron Minstrel Parade 17. Pity the Poor 18. Red White and Blues 19. Proud
FP: 24 February 1976, Forrest Theatre, Philadelphia, George Faison & Gilbert Moses (choreo. & dir.), Roland Gagnon, cond.
FP NY: 4 May 1976/Mark Hellinger Theater/Gilbert Moses, dir; others as above

For Orchestra
Same as ballet, less Sections II & V and Finale changed
FP: 14 January 1945/PSO/LB, cond.

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