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Comic Operetta in Two Acts
Original Version (not available for performance)
Book: Lillian Hellman (after Voltaire)
Lyrics: Richard Wilbur, John LaTouche, Dorothy Parker, Lillian Hellman and LB
Orchestration: Leonard Bernstein and Hershy Kay
FP: 29 October 1956/Colonial Theater, Boston
Tyrone Guthrie, dir; Samuel Krachmalnick, cond.
FP New York: 1 December 1956/Martin Beck Theater
VAB-233 Vocal selections

Chelsea Version (1973)
Comic Operetta in One Act
Book: Hugh Wheeler (after Voltaire)
Lyrics: Richard Wilbur, John LaTouche, Stephen Sondheim and LB
Orchestration for 13 players: Hershy Kay
FP: 20 December 1973/Chelsea Theater, Brooklyn/Patricia Birch, choreo; Harold Prince, dir; John Mauceri, cond.
FP (Broadway): 5 March 1974 Broadway Theater
FP in Europe: 5 August 1976/Wiener Stadthalle, Vienna (in German)
1. Overture 2. Life is Happiness Indeed 3. The Best of All Possible Worlds
4. Oh, Happy We 5a. It Must Be So 5b. O Miserere 6. Glitter and Be Gay 7. Auto-da-fé (What a Day) 8. This World 9. You Were Dead, You Know 10. I Am Easily Assimilated 11. My Love 12. Barcarolle 13. Alleluia 14. El Dorado: Sheep's Song 15. Bon Voyage 16. Constantinople 17. Make Our Garden Grow
Reeds I (picc/fl/cl/alto recorder).Reeds II (cl/bass cl/sop sax).Reeds III (fl/ob/cl/bsn) - - perc:ped timp(28")/perc (1) drum set (SD/BD/hi hat/cym/tt)/wbl/cowbell/tgl/tamb/ cast/ship's bell/chimes(EJ,G,C, EI)/orch bells/gong - 2pianos(#1dbles cel)/R.M.I.(elec piano) - 1(dbling vla).
Details, including information on translations, available from rental agent
Amberson, Inc.(For First Class Productions) Music Theater International (For Stock and Amateur Productions)

New York City Opera Version (1982)   [92']
Comic Operetta in Two Acts
Book: Hugh Wheeler (after Voltaire)
Lyrics: Richard Wilbur, John LaTouche, Stephen Sondheim and LB
Orchestrations: LB, Hershy Kay and John Mauceri
Act I: 1. Overture 2. Life is Happiness Indeed 3. The Best of All Possible Worlds
4. Oh, Happy We 5. It Must Be So 6. Battle Scene 7. Glitter and Be Gay 8. Dear Boy 9. Auto-da-fé 10. Candide's Lament 11. You Were Dead, You Know
12. I Am Easily Assimilated 13. Finale (Quartet)
Act II: 14. Ballad of the New World 15. My Love 16. The Old Lady's Tale (Barcarolle) 17. Alleluia 18. Sheep's Song 19. Governor's Waltz 20. Bon Voyage 21. Quiet
22. What's The Use 23. Make Our Garden Grow
FP: 13 October 1982/New York City Opera/Erie Mills, David Eisler, John Langston, Muriel Costa-Greenspon et al/Patricia Birch, choreo/Harold Prince, dir/John Mauceri, cond.
Main roles: S.2M.T.T/Bar.Bar; Small roles: 2S.4T.6Bar.2B.chorus
2(II=picc).1(=corA).2(I=Ebcl,II=bcl).1 - - timp.perc(2):SD/TD/BD/bongos/ hand drs/cyms/susp.cym/chimes/tam-t/tgl/cast/2wdbl/ratchet/whip/cowbell/steel drs/tamb maracas/gourd/xyl/glsp - harp - strings

Scottish Opera Version (revised Opera House version, 1988)
Comic Operetta in Two Acts
Book: Hugh Wheeler (after Voltaire)
Lyrics: Richard Wilbur, Stephen Sondheim, John LaTouche, Lillian Hellman, Dorothy Parker and LB
Act I: 1. Overture 1a. Westphalia Chorale 2a-c. Life Is Happiness Indeed 2d. Life Is Absolute Perfection 3. The Best of All Possible Worlds 3a. Universal Good 4. Oh, Happy We 5. It Must Be So 5a-f. Westphalia sequence 6. Candide's Lament 7. Dear Boy
8. Auto-da -fé 8a. Candide Continues His Travels/It Must Be Me 9. Paris Waltz Scene
10. Glitter and Be Gay 11. You Were Dead, You Know 12. I Am Easily Assimilated 13. Quartet Finale
Act II: 14. Entr'acte 15. My Love 16. Quiet 17. Alleluia 18. Introduction to Eldorado 18a. Ballad of Eldorado 19. Words, Words, Words (Martin's Laughing Song) 20. Bon Voyage 21. The Kings' Barcarolle 22. Money, Money, Money 23. We Are Women* 24. What's The Use 25. The Venice Gavotte 26. Nothing More Than This 26a. Candide's Lament 27. Make Our Garden Grow
* Originally written for London production, 1959, Lyrics by LB
FP: 17 May 1988/Theatre Royal Glasgow/Marilyn Hill Smith, Mark Beudert, Nickolas Grace, Ann Howard et al/Anthony Van Laast, choreo/Jonathan Miller, dir/edition by John Wells & John Mauceri (also cond.)
Orchestration same as in New York City Opera House Version
HPS-1180 Study score
VSB-161 Piano-vocal score
Individual selections on rental

Royal National Theater Version
Comic Operetta in Two Acts
Book Adapted from Voltaire by Hugh Wheeler
Richard Wilbur, Lillian Hellman, Dorothy Parker, John Latouche, Stephen Sondheim and Leonard Bernstein
New Version by John Caird
Orchestrations by Bruce Coughlin
ACT I: 1. Overture 2. Chorale 3. Life in Happiness Indeed 4. Life is Happiness Unending 5. The Best of All Possible Worlds 6. Universal Good 7. Oh Happy We 8. Candide's Lament 9. Dear Boy 10. Paris Waltz 11. Glitter and Be Gay 12. Auto da Fe 13. You Were Dead You Know 14. I Am Easily Assimilated 15. Quartet Finale
ACT II: 16. We are Women 17. My Love 18. The Ballad of El Dorado 19. Bon Voyage 20. It Must Be Me 21. Words, Words, Words 22. Money, Money, Money 23. The Venice Gavotte 24. Nothing More Than This 25. What's the Use 26. The King's Barcarolle 27. Universal Good 28. Make Our Garden Grow

FP Info - 13 April 1999

Main Roles S.2M.T.T/Bar.Bar: Small roles: 2S.4T6Bar.2B.chorus

Reeds 1 (picc/fl/cl).Reeds 2 (cl.Eflat).Reeds 3(corA/ob/ob d'amore).Reeds 4(bs clar/cl/fl).Reeds 5(bs).Tpt.Hn. Tbn.Perc.Keyb.vln.vla.Vc.Cb

See also Candide : Concert Version, Suite and Suite for Orchestra
and Overture to "Candide" under Concert Works

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THE LARK (1955)   [
Incidental music for the play by Jean Anouilh, adapted by Lillian Hellman
For Mixed Chorus A Cappella and Countertenor (or Septet), with Percussion
I. French choruses (based on Medieval French folk songs, with hand drum):
1. Spring Song 2. Court Song 3. Soldier's Song
II. Latin choruses (text from the Roman mass, with tubular bells):
1. Prelude 2. Benedictus 3. Sanctus 4. Requiem 5. Gloria
FP: 28 October 1955/Plymouth Theater, Boston
FP New York: 17 November 1955/Longacre Theater/Joseph Anthony, dir.
New York Pro Musica Antiqua (7 members), Noah Greenberg, dir.
Performed on tape, which is for hire from Masque Sound (see Addresses)
Latin choruses and Spring Song recast as Missa Brevis
LCB-216 Vocal score

See The Lark and Missa Brevis under Choral Works

An Original Musical Comedy
Book: Phyllis Newman and Arthur Laurents/Music and lyrics by 19 authors including 2 songs by LB:
Up, Up, Up (lyrics by Comden & Green) and My New Friends (lyrics by LB)
Orchestrations by John Clifton and Kirk Nurock
FP: 6 April 1979/Studio Arena Theater, Buffalo/Arthur Laurents, dir; Herbert Kaplan, cond.
FP New York: 13 June 1979/22 Steps Theater
See Songs and Song Cycles

MASS (1971)   [120']
A Theatre Piece For Singers, Players and Dancers
Text: liturgy of the Roman mass (L). Additional texts: Stephen Schwartz and LB (E)
Orchestration: Jonathan Tunick, Hershy Kay and LB
"For Roger L. Stevens"
1. Kyrie Eleison 2. A Simple Song 3. Alleluia 4. Prefatory Prayers 5. Dominus Vobiscum 6. In Nomine Patris 7. Almighty Father 8. Epiphany 9. Confiteor 10. I Don't Know 11. Easy 12. Meditation No. 1 13. Gloria Tibi 14. Gloria in Excelsis 15. Half of the People 16. Thank You 17. Meditation No. 2 18. The Word of the Lord 19. God Said 20. Credo in Unum Deum 21. Non Credo 22. Hurry 23. World Without End 24. I Believe in God 25. De Profundis
26. Our Father 27. I Go On 28. Sanctus 29. Agnus Dei 30. Things Get Broken
31. Secret Songs (Pax/Communion)
Composed for opening of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, DC
FP: 8 September 1971/Kennedy Center, Washington, DC/Alvin Ailey, choreo; Gordon Davidson, dir; Maurice Peress, cond.
FP New York: 28 June 1972/Metropolitan Opera House
FP in Europe: 25 June 1973, Konzerthaus, Vienna/John Mauceri, cond.
FP in German: 1 January 1981/VSO, Vienna
Vocal forces: Celebrant (tenor), Boy soprano, SATB robed choir (ca. 60), 20 soloists from Street People, Boys Choir (ca. 20), Street People (singer-dancers, ca. 45)
Stage orchestra (in costume, acting as cast members): 2(=2picc).2(II=corA).3(=ssax/asax/tsax/EIcl/bcl). 2(II=dbn)- - perc(2):bongos/2traps/finger cym/ - street perc:3steel dr/claves/ bottles/tamb/gourds/tin cans - 2elec guitars.bass guitar - 2 elec keybds
Pit orchestra: timp.perc(3-4): SD/TD/BD/bongos/4tuned drs/cyms/susp.cym/tgl/2cow bells/chimes/tam-t/anvil/ glsp/marimba/vib - harp - cel.2Allen organs - pre-recorded tape - strings
HPS-1267 Study score
VSB-152 Vocal score
LIB-70 Libretto
See Choral Works for octavos of Nos. 2, 7, 13, 28
For details, including information on translations, contact rental agent.

Chamber Version
Orchestrations by Sid Ramin
FP: 26 December 1972/Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles/Gordon Davidson, director; Maurice Peress, music director; assisted by Earl Rivers
Vocal forces: Celebrant (tenor), Soloists (from Street People), SATB chorus (12), Boys Choir (10), Street People (16 and 3 dancers)
1.0.1(=sax).0- - Stage:perc:SD/BD/2hanging tom-t/floor tom-t/3susp.cym/ splash cym/crash cym/sizzle cym/marching cym/Swiss cowbell/ride cowbells/orch bells/chimes/ tam-t/tgl/2timbales/ - elec.guitar/elec.bass guitar -elec.keybd - harp - organ - 1vln - pre-recorded tape
On rental

See also Warm-Up under Choral Works ; Three Meditations from "Mass" (for Cello and Orchestra), and Two Meditations from "Mass" (for Orchestra)   [ underConcert Works
Shivaree, and Meditation No. 2 under Music for Band and Wind Ensemble

ON THE TOWN (1944)
Musical Comedy
Book and Lyrics: Betty Comden & Adolph Green (based on an idea of Jerome Robbins)
Orchestrations: LB, Hershy Kay, Don Walker, Elliot Jacoby and Ted Royal
Act I: 1. Overture 2. I Feel Like I'm Not Out of Bed Yet 2a. New York, New York
2b. Chase Music 3. Gabey's Comin' 4. Presentation of Miss Turnstiles 5. Come Up to My Place 6. Carried Away 7. Lonely Town 7a. High School Girls 8. Carnegie Hall Pavane 9. I Understand 10. I Can Cook Too 11. Lucky To Be Me 12. Times Square Ballet
Act II: 13. Entr'acte 14. So Long Baby 15. I Wish I Was Dead 16. Conga Cabana 17. I Wish I Was Dead (Spanish) 18. You Got Me 19. Slam Bang Blues (Dixieland)
20. I Understand (Pitkin's Song) 21. Subway Ride & Imaginary Coney Island 21a. The Great Lover Displays Himself 21.b. Pas de Deux 22. Some Other Time 23. The Real Coney Island 24. Finale, Act II
FP: 13 December 1944/Colonial Theater, Boston/Jerome Robbins, choreo; George Abbott, dir; Max Goberman, cond.
FP New York: 28 December 1944/Adelphi Theater
FP London: 30 May 1963/Prince of Wales Theatre
Main roles: T.2Bar.3M; Small roles: 15 male/7 female (with doublings), chorus-dancers
1(=picc.).1(=corA).3(I=EIcl,II=asax,III=bcl) - - timp.perc(1):SD/BD/tom-t/
hi hat/susp.cym/cowbell/tgl/ whistle/xyl/glsp/vib
- pft - vlnABC.vla.vlc.db

The motion picture (1949) used adaptations of Nos. 2, 2a, 4, 5, 12 and 21. None of the other music is by Bernstein

Full score (in preparation, with additional orchestrations by Bruce Coughlin)   [
VSBO-192 Vocal score
First Class: from the authors (contact Amberson Inc.)
Stock and amateur for USA and Canada: Tams-Witmark Music Library
All other territories: Amberson, Inc./Boosey & Hawkes

See also Concert Version under , Three Dance Episodes from "On the Town" under Concert Works , Music for Band and Wind Ensemble and Piano Works

PETER PAN (1950)
Songs and Choruses for the play by J. M. Barrie
Lyrics: LB
Orchestrations: Hershy Kay. Additional (incidental) music by Trude Rittman.
Act I: 1. Prelude 2. Who Am I? 3. Tinkerbell's Entrance 4. Flight Music 5. Peter's Tears 6. Flying Music
Act II: 7. Prelude 8. Pirate Song (male chorus) 9. Indian Dance 10. Build My House
Act III: 11. Never-Land 12. Lagoon Fight
Act IV: 13. Peter, Peter 14. Indian-Pirate Fight 15. Tink Lives
Act V: 16. Captain Hook's Soliloquy 17. Crew Dance 18. Plank Round (male chorus) 19. Fight 20. Children's Entrance
FP: 24 April 1950/Imperial Theater, NYC/John Burrell and Wendy Toye, dirs; Ben Steinberg, cond.
1(=picc.).1.4reed(I=cl,Ebcl,bcl,II=cl,III=cl,IV=bn) - 1hn- mp.perc(2):SD/BD/cyms/tgl/ - novachord(keybd) - strings
Captain Hook's Soliloquy (written for the road company) and Dream With Me unperformed until the revue By Bernstein in 1975.

Piano-conductor score and parts for hire

See Choral Works and Songs and Song Cycles

(1983)   [150']
Opera in Three Acts
First version (sequel to Trouble in Tahiti )   [
Libretto: Stephen Wadsworth and LB
Orchestrations by Irwin Kostal, Sid Ramin & LB
Commissioned by Houston Grand Opera, Kennedy Center and Teatro Alla Scala
See Works Withdrawn

Revised version
(incorporates Trouble in Tahiti , 1984)
FP: 19 June 1984/La Scala, Milan/Stephen Wadsworth, dir; John Mauceri, cond.
"To the Memory of F.M.B. and N.S.Z."
Vocal forces: 2S.2M.A.highT.3T.highBar.2Bar.BassBar.2B.chorus
3(II=afl,III=picc).2.corA.3(III=EIcl).bcl.2.dbn - - timp.perc(3-4):SD/2TD/BD/ 2tom-t/bongos/traps/4pitched drs/cyms/3susp.cym/finger cym/antique cym/ chimes/tam-t/ 2tgl/wind chimes/steel pipe/ bl/xyl/glsp/marimba/vib-elec bass-pft(=synth) - harp - strings
Translated and performed in German as Rue und Frieden
FP: 8 March 1987/Bielefeld, Germany
For details, including information on translations, contact rental agent
VSB-154 Vocal score (revised version)
Full score and parts for hire

See also Orchestra Suite from "A Quiet Place " under Concert Works

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See Works Withdrawn
See also Take Care of This House under Songs and Choral Works
See also A White House Cantata under Works for Voice(s) and Orchestra

TROUBLE IN TAHITI (1951)   [45']
One Act Opera in Seven Scenes
Libretto: LB
Orchestrations by LB
"For Marc Blitzstein"
FP: 12 June 1952/Brandeis University, Mass/Nell Tangeman, David Atkinson, Constance Brigham, Robert Kole, Claude Heater/Elliot Silverstein, dir; LB, cond.
FP NY: 19 April 1955/as part of Broadway production: All in One, David Brooks, dir.
Vocal forces: S(M),BBar; Jazz Trio: S(M),highT,highBar
2(I=picc).2.corA.2.bcl.2(I=dbn) - - timp.perc(3):SD/TD(high & low)/BD/tom-t/ cyms/tgl/gong/ - harp - strings
Libretto was published in German as Inselzauber (Bühnenverlag, Ahn & Simrock)
N.B. The opera has also been incorporated into A Quiet Place .
VSB-149 Vocal score
Full score and parts for hire

Musical, based on a conception of Jerome Robbins
Book: Arthur Laurents
Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim
Orchestrations: Sid Ramin, Irwin Kostal and Leonard Bernstein
"To Felicia with love"
Act I: 1. Prologue 2. Jet Song 3. Something's Coming 4. The Dance at the Gym (Blues, Promenade, Mambo, Cha-Cha, Meeting Scene, Jump) 5. Maria 6. Balcony Scene (Tonight) 7. America 8. Cool 9. One Hand, One Heart 10. Tonight (Quintet)
11. The Rumble
Act II: 12. I Feel Pretty 13.a) Ballet Sequence b) transition to Scherzo c) Scherzo
d) Somewhere e) Procession and Nightmare 14. Gee, Officer Krupke 15. A Boy Like That/I Have a Love 16. Taunting Scene 17. Finale
FP: 19 August 1957/National Theater, Washington, DC/Jerome Robbins, choreo and dir; Max Goberman, cond.
FP NY: 26 September 1957/Winter Garden
FP foreign performance: 9 February 1961/Sidney, Australia
FP in German: 28 February 1968/Volksoper, Vienna
Voted Best Musical of the Year, 1960, London.
The motion picture version voted Best Picture of the Year by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, 1961, earning ten additional Oscars.
Roles: Jets: 10 male, 6 female; Sharks: 10 male, 6 female; 4 adults (non-singing)
IV=picc,fl,ssax,bsax,cl,bcl;V=bn) - - timp.perc(4):traps/vib/4 pitched drs/guiro/ xyl/3bongos/3cowbells/conga/timbales/SD/police whistle/gourd/2susp.cyms/castanets/ maracas/ fingercyms/tambs/small maracas/glsp/wdbl/claves/tgl/ ratchet/slide whistle - pft(=cel) - elec.guitar(=spanish guitar/mandolin) - 7vln.4vlc.db
HPS-1176 Study Score
Vocal score (New edition 1998)
Reduced version: 3reed(I=cl,asax,fl;II=tsax,cl;III=barsax,cl,bcl) - 0.3(III=ad lib).2(II=ad lib).0 - perc(2) - pft(=cond.) - guitar - 2vln(ad lib).vlc.db

For details, including information on translations, contact rental agent.

For sheet music of separate songs and information on arrangements for marching band, concert and stage band, orchestra, piano, solo instruments and various ensembles; contact Boosey & Hawkes, Inc.
Note: The "Overture", although used in some stage productions, is not arranged by LB, and has been transcribed for symphony orchestra by Maurice Peress.

Production rights : First class: Amberson, Inc. (for the authors)
Stock and amateur world-wide: Music Theater International
Rentals : First class, stock and amateur for theatrical productions:
Music Theater International
For concert suites and individual numbers: Boosey & Hawkes, Inc.
Print : Boosey & Hawkes, Inc. (for all territories)
All other music rights : US and Canada: Boosey & Hawkes, Inc. (as agent for LBMPC)

See also Symphonic Dances from "West Side Story" (orchestra, band and piano versions)   [
See also Choral Works and Songs and Song Cycles

Musical Comedy
Book: Joseph Fields & Jerome Chodorov, based on the play "My Sister Eileen"
by Fields & Chodorov and the stories of Ruth McKenny
Lyrics: Betty Comden & Adolph Green
Orchestration: Don Walker; Lehman Engel, vocal arranger
Act I: 1. Overture 2. Christopher Street 3. Ohio 4. Conquering New York
5. One Hundred Easy Ways to Lose a Man 6. What a Waste 7. Ruth's Stories
8. A Little Bit in Love 9. Pass The Football 10. Conversation Piece 11. A Quiet Girl
12. Conga
Act II: 13. Entr'acte 14. My Darlin' Eileen 15. Swing! 16a. Ohio (Reprise)
17. It's Love 18. Ballet at the Village Vortex 19. The Wrong Note Rag 19a. It's Love Reprise (Finale Act II)
FP: 19 January 1953/Shubert Theater, New Haven/Donald Saddler, choreo; George Abbott, dir; Lehman Engel, cond.
FP NY: 26 February 1953/Winter Garden
FP European Performance: 23 February 1995/Princes Theatre, London
FP in German; 9 November 1956/Volksoper, Vienna
Main roles: 2 female, 4 male; small roles: 3 female, 15 male; chorus-dancers
5reeds(I=fl,cl,Ebcl,asax;II=cl,bcl,asax,barsax,bsax;III=ob,corA,cl,tsax;IV=picc.fl,cl,tsax;V=cl,asax,bsax,bn) - - timp.perc:SD/BD/tom-t/timbales/hi-hat/susp.cym/tam-t/ tgl/2wdbl/xyl/alarm clock/cowbell/glsp - pft(=optional cel) - strings
Reduced version: 5reed(I,II=cl,asax;III=cl,tsax;IV=cl,bcl,tsax;V=cl,barsax) -0.2(1=I,II,2=III).2.0-2timp.perc(1):SD/BD/tom-t(4pitches)/timbales(3pitches)/susp. cym
hi-hat/cowbell/tam-t/tgl/alarm clock/2wdbl/glsp/xyl
- pft - strings
Vocal score and study score (in preparation)

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Stock and amateur for other territories: Boosey & Hawkes, Inc.
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