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AFTERTHOUGHT, Study for the Ballet Facsimile (1945)   [4']
For Voice and Orchestra
Lyrics: LB
"In Memory of HJR" - timp - harp - strings

See also Songs and Song Cycles

See Symphony No. 2

Lyrics: LB
Originally written for On The Town
Orchestrated by Bruce Coughlin
1.corA.1.asax.bscl - 2.3.3 - perc(1):traps - piano - strings

Version 1for Mezzo-Soprano, Baritone, Strings and Percussion (1988)
Orchestrated with the assistance of Bright Sheng
FP: 22 September 1989/Tilles Center, Long Island University/Susan Graham (M); Kurt Ollmann (B);New York Chamber Symphony; Gerard Schwartz, cond.
Perc(2):small SD/large SD/TD/small BD/BD/small cym/small susp.cym/chimes/crotales/ small tam-t/tgl/wdbl(large&small)/medium tamb/tamb/police whistle/xyl/glsp/vib - strings
Score and parts on rental

Version 2for Mezzo-Soprano, Baritone, and Chamber Orchestra (1993)
Orchestrated by Bruce Coughlin
FP: 26 September 1993/Barbican Centre, London/Frederica von Stade (M); Thomas Hampson, (B); LSO; Michael Tilson Thomas, cond.
1(=picc).1(=corA).1(=Ebcl,asax).1 - - perc(2):timp/SD/low tom-t/trap set(hi-hat cym/ride cym/BD)/cyms/susp.cym/low gong/crot/slapstick/rainstick/auto brake dr/police whistle/tamb/tgl/wdbl/glsp/xyl/vib - strings ( or
Score and parts on rental

For a break down of individual song titles, see Arias and Barcarolles under Songs and Song Cycles


Three Dance Episodes from "On The Town"/Symphonic Dances from "West Side Story"
M-060-10761-0 Study Score (The Masterworks Library)

Overture to "Candide"/Prelude, Fugue and Riffs/Divertimento/Symphonic Suite from "On the Waterfront"
M-060-10762-7 Study Score (The Masterworks Library)

Concert Version (1989, new edition 1993)   [110']
For Narrator, Vocal Soloists, Chorus, and Orchestra
Text: Richard Wilbur, John LaTouche, Dorothy Parker, Lillian Hellman, Stephen Sondheim, John Wells, LB
Orchestrations by LB and Hershy Kay; additional orchestrations by John Mauceri

Act I: 1. Overture 1a. Westphalia Chorale 2. Life Is Happiness Indeed 2a. Life Is Absolute Perfection 3. The Best of All Possible Worlds 3a. Universal Good 4. Oh, Happy We 5. It Must Be So 6. Westphalia Chorale 6a. Battle Scene 7. Candide's Lament 8. Dear Boy 9. Auto-da-fé 10. Candide Continues His Travels /It Must Be Me 11. Paris Waltz 12. Glitter and Be Gay 13. You Were Dead, You Know 14. I Am Easily Assimilated 15. Quartet Finale

Act II: 16. My Love 17. We Are Women 18. Pilgrims' Procession 19. Quiet 20. Introduction to Eldorado 20a. Ballad of Eldorado 21. Words, Words, Words (Martin's Laughing Song) 22. Bon Voyage 23. The Kings' Barcarolle 24. Money, Money, Money 25. What's the Use 26. The Venice Gavotte 27. Nothing More Than This 28. Universal Good 29. Make Our Garden Grow

FP: 12 December 1989/Barbican Centre, London/LSO, LB, cond.
Main roles: Narrator.S.2M-S.T.T/Bar.Bar; Small roles: 2S.4T.6Bar.2B.chorus
2(II=picc).1(=corA).2(I=EIcl,II=bcl).1 - - timp.perc(2):SD/TD/BD/cyms/ susp.cym/ chimes/tam-t/tgl/wdbl/tamb/xyl/glsp/ratchet/whip/cowbell - harp - strings

Score and parts on rental

: See Overture to "Candide"
See also Theater Works

Suite (1977)   [50']
For Vocal Soloists, Chorus and Orchestra
Text: Richard Wilbur, John LaTouche, Lillian Hellman, Dorothy Parker, LB

Part I: 1. Overture 2. Oh, Happy We 3. Wedding Procession and Chorale 4. Candide Begins His Travels 5. It Must Be So 6. Paris Waltz Scene 7. Glitter and Be Gay 8. You Were Dead, You Know 9. Pilgrims' Procession 10. My Love (Governor's Serenade)

Part II: 11. I Am Easily Assimilated 12. Candide's Return From Eldorado 13. Ballad of Eldorado 14. Bon Voyage 15. Into the Raft 16. Money, Money 17. What's the Use? 18. Return to Westphalia 19. Make Our Garden Grow

FP: 9 April 1977/Frederic Mann Auditorium, Tel Aviv/Indiana University Chamber Opera Theater, John Mauceri, cond.
Main roles: 2S.M-S.2T.2Bar.B
2(II=picc).1(=corA).2(I=EIcl,ssax   [ad lib],II=bcl).1 - - timp.perc(2):SD/ TD/BD/ bongos/hand dr/cyms/susp.cym/chimes/tam-t/tgl/gong/cast/2wdbl/tamb/gourd/glass harmonica(ad lib)/xyl/glsp/vib - harp - strings

Score and parts on rental

(1998)   [19']
For Orchestra
2.picc.2.corA.2.bcl.2.dbn - - timp.perc(4):SD/BD/cyms/susp.cym/finger cym/tgl/ tamb/castanets/wdbl/tpl.bls/glsp - harp - strings

Score and parts on rental

Glitter And Be Gay
For Soprano and Orchestra
Lyrics: Richard Wilbur
2(II=picc).1(=Eh).2(II=bcl).1 - -timp.perc(2): tgl/sd/bd/syms/glsp - harp -strings

See also Candide in Theater Works

CHICHESTER PSALMS in Three Movements (1965)   [19']
For Mixed Chorus (or Male Chorus), Boy Soloist and Orchestra
Text: Bible (H)
I. Psalm 108, v.2 & Psalm 100 entire; II. Psalm 23 entire & Psalm 2, vv.1-4;
III. Psalm 131 entire & Psalm 133, v.1
"With gratitude to Dr. Cyril Solomon"
FP: 15 July 1965/Philharmonic Hall, NY/John Bogart, boy alto; The Camerata Singers, Abraham Kaplan, cond.; NYP, LB, cond.
FP Original version for Male Chorus: 31 July 1965/Cathedral Chorus and Orchestra/ Chichester Cathedral, Chichester, England
3tpt.3trb -timp.perc(5):SD/BD/3bongos/cyms/susp.cym/chimes/tgl/ tamb/whip/ rasp/xyl/glsp - 2harps - strings
FSB-467 Full score
HPS-1201 Study score

CONCERTO FOR ORCHESTRA ("Jubilee Games", 1986-89)   [30']
I. Free-Style Events II. Mixed Doubles (Theme and Seven Variations)
III. Diaspora Dances IV. Benediction (with solo baritone)
Text: Three-Fold Benediction from the Bible, Numbers 6:24-26 (H)
"To the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra on its 50th year"
Original Version
FP: 13 September 1986/Avery Fisher Hall, NYC/IPO; LB, cond.
Final Version
FP: 24 April 1989/Frederic Mann Auditorium, Tel Aviv/IPO; LB, cond. .3(III=picc).afl.2.corA..2.EIcl.bcl.asax.2.dbn - - timp.perc(5):SD/TD/BD/5tom-t/ cyms/2susp.cym/cowbell/chimes/anvil/tgl/ 3wdbl/tamb/xyl/vib - pft - pre-recorded tape -harp - mandolin - strings
Note: baritone solo may be performed live or from pre-recorded tape
FSB-633 Full score   [in preparation]

See also Opening Prayer

I. Sennets and Tuckets II. Waltz III. Mazurka IV. Samba V. Turkey Trot
VI. Sphinxes VII. Blues VIII. In Memoriam; March: "The BSO Forever"
"With affection to the Boston Symphony Orchestra in celebration of its First Centenary"
Commissioned by the BSO

FP: 25 September 1980/Symphony Hall, Boston/BSO; Seiji Ozawa, cond.
2.2picc(picc2=fl3).2.corA.2.EIcl.bcl.2.dbn - euphonium) - timp.perc(5): 4SD/BD/2conga drs/3bongos/traps/cyms/susp.cym/large cym/2Cuban cowbells/chimes/tam-t/tgl/ - harp - pft - strings
M-060-10762-7 Study score (in Bernstein Orchestral AnthologyVolume 2)

See also Music for Band and Wind Instruments and Piano Works

DYBBUK [48']
Ballet (By LB and Jerome Robbins)
Originally entitled Dybbuk Variations , the world premiere took place 16 August 1974, LB conducting the NYP, with pre-recorded tape, in Auckland, New Zealand.
3(III=picc).2.corA.2.EXcl.bcl.2.dbn - 4.3(III=tpt in D).3.1 - timp.perc(3):SD/TD/tom-t/ cyms/2susp. cym/low bells/2 gongs/steel pipe/tam-t/2tgls/castanets/tpl.bls/2wdbls/tamb/ cheesebox/xyl/glsp/vibr - harp - piano/celesta - strings

Suite No. 1 (1974)   [31']
For Tenor, Bass-Baritone and Orchestra
I. Invocation and Trance II. The Pledge III. Kabbalah IV. Possession
V. Pas de Deux VI. Exorcism
Text: Bible (various); liturgy: Havdalah, Kaddish (H)
FP: 3 April 1975/Avery Fisher Hall, NY/Paul Sperry, tenor; Bruce Fifer, bass-baritone; NYP, LB, cond.
3(III=picc).2.corA.2.(II=Acl).EIcl.bcl.2.dbn - 4.3(III=Dtpt).3.1-timp.perc(3):SD/TD/BD/ tom-t/cyms/2susp.cym/low bells/2gongs(high and low)/steel pipe(high)/tam-t/ 2tgls/cast/ and low)/tamb/cheesebox/xyl/glsp/vib - harp - cel.pft - strings
HPS1157 Study score   [in preparation]

Suite No. 2 (Eight Dances) (1974)   [16']
I. The Messenger II. Leah III. Five Kabbalah Variations IV. Dream (Pas de Deux)
FP: 17 April 1975/Avery Fisher Hall, NY/NYP, LB, cond.
3(III=picc).2.corA.4.3-4.3(III=Dtpt).3.1-timp.perc(3):SD/TD/small BD/BD/2TT/cyms/ susp.cym/tiny cym/low bell/tam-t/tgl/ - harp - pft - strings
HPS1158 Study score   [in preparation]

Note: Transcriptions for Two Pianos for both Suites in preparation
See also Dybbuk in Ballets

FACSIMILE, Choreographic Essay for Orchestra (1946)   [19']
Solo/Pas de Deux/Pas de Trois/Coda
"For Jerome Robbins"
FP: 5 March 1947/Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY/Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra; LB, cond.
2(II=picc).2.2(II=EIcl).2 - 4.2.crt.2.1-timp.perc(2):SD/BD/cyms/susp.cym/tgl/wdbl/glsp-pft(concertante) - strings
HPS-1134 Study score   [1988 edition, by arrangement with Warner Bros., Inc.]

See also Facsimile in Ballets

FANCY FREE (1944)   [27']
I. Enter Three Sailors II. Scene at the Bar III. Enter Two Girls IV. Pas de Deux
V. Competition Scene VI. Variation 1: Galop, Variation 2: Waltz, Variation 3: Danzon
VII. Finale
(A juke box song "Big Stuff", words & music by LB, opens the ballet)
"For Adolph Green"
FP: 18 April 1944/Metropolitan Opera House, NY/Ballet Theatre Orchestra; LB, cond.
2(II=picc).2.2.2 - - timp.perc(2-3):SD/BD/cyms/susp.cym/cowbell(ad lib)/tgl/
- pft - strings
HPS-1135 Study score   [1998 edition, by arrangement with Warner Bros., Inc.]

Three Dance Variations
SeeThree Dance Variations from "Fancy Free"
See alsoMusic for Band and Wind Ensemble

Suite from "Fancy Free"

FANFARE FOR THE 25th ANNIVERSARY of High School of Music and Art, NYC
Movement I from Dance Suite

See Music for Band and Wind Ensemble

See Candide

HALIL , Nocturne (1981)   [16']
For Solo Flute with Piccolo, Alto Flute, Percussion, Harp and Strings
"To the spirit of Yadin and to his fallen brothers"
FP: 27 May 1981/Sultan's Pool, Jerusalem/Jean-Pierre Rampal, flute; IPO; LB, cond. - timp.perc(5):4SD/BD/4tom-t/cyms/2susp.cym/high & low gongs/chimes/tam-t/high & low tgls/4wdbl/whip/xyl/glsp/vib - harp - strings
HPS-972 Study score

See also Chamber Music

See Symphony No. 1

See Concerto for Orchestra

See Symphony No. 3

See Two Meditations for Orchestra, Three Meditations for Violoncello & Orchestra and Theater Works

A MUSICAL TOAST (1980)   [2'30"]
"Fondly dedicated to the memory of André Kostelanetz"
FP: 11 October 1980/Avery Fisher Hall, NY/NYP; Zubin Mehta, cond.
2.2picc.2.corA.2.EIcl.2.dbn - - timp.perc(5):4SD(high to low)/BD/cyms/ susp.cym/chimes/tam-t/tgl/wdbl/tamb/xyl/glsp - guitar(ad lib substitute vib) - harp - pft -organ(ad lib) - elec.guit(ad lib) - strings
HPS-976 Study score
See also Music for Band and Wind Ensemble

OLYMPIC HYMN (Based on "Proud" from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue)   [5'30"]
For Chorus and Orchestra
Lyrics: Guenter Kunert (G)
Written for the International Olympic Congress
FP: 23 September 1981/ Baden-Baden, Germany/Youth Choir with the Südwestfunk
Orchester; David Shallon, cond.
Study score (in preparation)

ON THE TOWN [140']
Concert version
FP: 28 June 1992/Barbican Centre, London/Frederica von Stade, Tyne Daly, Thomas Hampson, Kurt Ollmann, Samuel Ramey, Evelyn Lear, Cleo Laine, Adolph Green/London Symphony Orchestra, Michael Tilson Thomas, cond.
Act I: 1. The Star-Spangled Banner (ending) 2. I Feel Like I'm Not Out of Bed Yet
2a. New York, New York 3. Presentation of Miss Turnstiles 4. Gabey's Comin' 5. Come Up to My Place 6. Carried Away 7. Lonely Town 8. Carnegie Hall Pavane 9. I Can Cook Too 10. Lucky To Be Me 11. Times Square Ballet
Act II: 12. The Intermission's Great 13. So Long, Baby 14. I Wish I Was Dead
15. Conga Cabana 16. I Wish I Was Dead (Spanish) 17. You Got Me 18. Slam Bang Blues (Dixieland) 19. I Understand (Pitkin's Song) 20. Subway Ride & Imaginary Coney Island 21. Some Other Time 22. The Real Coney Island 24. Finale, Act II
Main roles: T .3Bar.3M; Small roles: 15 male/7 female (with doublings), chorus
1(=picc.).1(=corA).3(I=EIcl,II=asax,III=bcl) - - timp.perc(1):SD/BD/tom-t/
hi hat/susp.cym/cowbell/tgl/ whistle/xyl/glsp/vib
- pft - vlnABC.vla.vlc.db
VSB 192 Piano-vocal Score

OPENING PRAYER (1986)   [6']
For Orchestra and Solo Baritone
Text: Three-Fold Benediction from the Bible: Numbers 6:24-26 (H)
Written for the reopening of Carnegie Hall
FP: 15 December 1986/Carnegie Hall, NY/Kurt Ollmann (B); NYP; LB, cond.
2.2.corA.2.bcl.2.dbn - - harp - strings
Score and parts on rental

See also Benediction from Concerto for Orchestra
See also Yevarechecha under Songs and Song Cycles

ORCHESTRA SUITE FROM "A QUIET PLACE" (posthumous, 1991)   [25']
Arranged by Sid Ramin and Michael Tilson Thomas with Michael Barrett
Prologue/Sam's Aria/Trio/Trouble in Tahiti Trio/Chorale/Postlude to Act I

FP: 19 September 1991/Barbican Centre, London/LSO; Michael Tilson Thomas, cond3(II=afl,III=picc).2.corA.2.EIcl.bcl.asax.2.dbn - - timp.perc(4-6):SD/TD/BD/ 2tom-t/4 pitched drs/small bongo/traps/cyms/2susp. cym/chimes/crotales/tam-t/tgl/steel pipe/ - elec. Keybd - harp - strings
Score and parts on rental

OVERTURE TO "CANDIDE" (1956)   [4']
For Symphony Orchestra
FP: 26 January 1957/Carnegie Hall, NY/NYP; LB, cond.
2.picc.2.2.EIcl.bcl.2.dbn - - timp.perc(2):SD/TD/BD/cyms/tgl/xyl/glsp - harp - strings
FSB-466 Full score (1998 edition)
M-060-10762-7 Study score (in Bernstein Orchestral AnthologyVolume 2)

See also Piano Works and Music for Band and Wind Ensemble

Orchestrated by Sid Ramin
2.0.1.bcl - perc(2):glsp/tgl - harp - strings

For Solo Clarinet and Jazz Ensemble
"To Benny Goodman"
FP: 16 October 1955/Omnibus: The World of Jazz/ABC-TV studio band; LB, cond.
2asax(I=cl).2tsax.barsax - 0.5.4(IV=btrb).0 - 2timp.perc(2):4tom-t/traps/wdbl/xyl/vib -pft - solo db
FSB-593 Full score and solo part for sale, parts on rental
M-060-10762-7 Study Score (in Bernstein Orchestral AnthologyVolume 2)

Orchestral Version
Transcription for orchestra by Lukas Foss
FP: 4 November 1997/Jerusalem/Jerusalem Symphony Orch/Richard Stolzman, clarinet; Lukas Foss, cond.
Solo clarinet/1.l.1.1. - - timp/perc(1) - piano - strings

See Bernstein Orchestral Anthology Volume 2

See Music for Band and Wind Ensemble

REENAH (1947)   [2']
Israeli folk song
Arranged by LB for wordless chorus (optional) and chamber orchestra
1.picc.0.2.0 - - harp -
Recorded on Vox 16040B (78rpm)

Study score in preparation

SERENADE , after Plato's "Symposium" (1954)   [30']
For Solo Violin, Strings, Harp and Percussion
"To the beloved memory of Serge and Natalie Koussevitzky"
Commissioned by the Koussevitzky Foundation
I. Phaedrus: Pausanias II. Aristophanes III. Eryximachus
IV. Agathon V. Socrates: Alcibiades
FP: 9 September 1954/Teatro La Fenice, Venice/Isaac Stern, violin; IPO; LB, cond.
timp.perc(5):SD/TD/BD/susp.cym/chimes/tgl/ - harp - strings
HPS 1136 Study score   [1999 edition]

See also Chamber Music

(1986)   [1'45"]
harp - 1vln.1vla.1vlc.
Score and parts on rental

Orchestrated by Sid Ramin - perc(2): glsp/xyl/Finger Cym/tamb - harp - strings
Score and parts on rental See also Songs and Song Cycles

Lyrics: Alan Jay Lerner
Only the following numbers are currently available for performance:
Duet for One
I Love My Wife
The President Jefferson Sunday Luncheon Party March
Take Care of This House

FP: 19 January 1977/Inaugural concert for President Jimmy Carter, Kennedy Center, Washington DC/Frederica von Stade (S); NSO, LB, cond.
1.picc.1.2.bcl.1 - - timp.perc(1):glsp/xyl - harp - pft - vlns1&2.vlcs1&2.db
See also Choral Works andSongs and Song Cycles

SLAVA! (1977)   [4']
A Political Overture for Orchestra
"To Mstislav Rostropovich"
FP: 11 October 1977/Kennedy Center, Washington/NSO; Mstislav Rostropovich, cond.
2.picc.2.corA.2.EIcl.bcl.ssax.2.dbn - - timp.perc(4-5):SD/small SD/TD/BD/traps/ cyms/susp.cym/chimes/steel pipe/tgl/wdbl/tamb/ratchet/whip/slide whistle/xyl/glsp/marimba/ vib - elec.guitar - pre-recorded tape(obbligato for orch version, but optional in band version) - pft - strings
Note: May also be programmed as a concluding work or as an encore.
HPS-980 Study score

See also Music for Band and Wind Ensemble

Orchestrated by Sid Ramin
1.corA.1.1 - harp - strings
Score and parts on rental See also Songs and Song Cycles

(1941-42)   [10']
Orchestrated by Sid Ramin
FP: 23 July 1994/Sapporo, Japan/Richard Stoltzman, clarinet; Pacific Music Festival Orchestra; Michael Tilson Thomas, cond.
Solo clarinet - perc(1):tgl/glsp/wdbl/xyl/timp. - piano - strings
Score and parts on rental

SONGFEST (1977)   [41']
A Cycle of American Poems for Six Singers (S, M, A, T, Bar, Bs) and Orchestra
Text: various (E, S)
I. Sextet: 1. To the Poem (Frank O'Hara)
II. Three Solos: 2. The Pennycandystore Beyond the El (Lawrence Ferlinghetti)
3. A Julia de Burgos (Julia de Burgos) 4. To What You Said (Walt Whitman)
III. Three Ensembles: 5. Duet: I, Too, Sing America (Langston Hughes)/Okay "Negroes" (June Jordan) 6. Trio: To My Dear and Loving Husband (Anne Bradstreet) 7. Duet: Storyette H.M. (Gertrude Stein)
IV. Sextet: 8. 'if you can't eat you got to' (E. E. Cummings)
V. Three Solos: 9. Music I Heard With You (Conrad Aiken) 10. Zizi's Lament (Gregory Corso) 11. Sonnet: 'What lips my lips have kissed' (Edna St. Vincent Millay)
VI. Sextet: 12. Israfel (Edgar Allan Poe)
"For My Mother"
FP: October 1977/Kennedy Center, Washington, DC/Clamma Dale (S), Rosalind Elias, (M), Nancy Williams, (M), Neil Rosenshein, (T); John Reardon, (B), Donald Gramm, (Bbar)/NSO; LB, cond.
3(III=picc).2.corA.2.EIcl.bcl.2.dbn - - timp.perc(5):2SD/TD/BD/3tom-t/3rock drs/traps/cyms/susp.cym/finger cym/chimes/tam-t/tgl/sleigh bells/anvil/wdbl/tamb/rasp/ xyl/glsp/marimba/vib - harp - pft(=cel/elec pft) - elec.bass - strings
FSB-634 in preparation

Reduced Orchestration (1996)
by Charlie Harmon, Sid Ramin, and George Steel
FP: 9 Oct 1996/Kaufmann Concert Hall, 92nd St Y, NYC/Janus Ensemble; Michael Barrett, cond.
2(II+picc).2(II=cora).2(1=EXcl,II=bcl).2 - 2.2.2 - timp.perc(2):SD/TD/BD/tgl/tom-ts/xyl/ vibr/glsp/wdbl/chimes/cyms/susp.cym/finger cym/small cym/tamb/maracas/sleigh bells

Score and parts on rental

See alsoSongs and Song Cycles and ' if you can't eat you got to ' under Choral Works

Orchestrated by Glen Daum
2.1.1.bscl.1 -2.0.3 - timp.perc(2):glsp/vibr/susp cym - piano - strings

Prologue/Somewhere/Scherzo/Mambo/Cha-Cha/Meeting Scene/Cool Fugue/Rumble/ Finale
"To Sid Ramin, in friendship"
Orchestrated with the assistance of Sid Ramin and Irwin Kostal
FP: 13 February 1961/Carnegie Hall, New York/NYP; Lukas Foss, cond.
2.picc.2.corA.2.EIcl.bcl.asax.2.bcl.2.dbn - - timp.perc(4):SD/TD/BD/tom-t/conga dr/4 pitched drs/bongos/traps/cyms/susp.cym/finger cym/3cowbells/chimes/tam-t/tgl/ timbales/police whistle/wdbl/tamb/maracas/gourds/xyl/glsp/vib - harp - cel.pft -strings
HPS-1178 Study score (1993 edition)
M-060-10761-0 Study Score (in Bernstein Orchestral AnthologyVolume 1)

See also Piano Works and West Side Story under Theater Works

(1955)   [22']
"For my son, Alexander"
FP: 11 August 1955/Tanglewood/BSO; LB, cond.
2.picc.2.2.EIcl.bcl.asax.2.dbn - - timps(2).perc(3-4):SD/BD/3tuned drs/cyms/ chimes/2tam-t/tgl/wdbl/xyl/glsp/vib - harp - pft - strings
M-060-10762-7 Study Score (in Bernstein Orchestral AnthologyVolume 2)

See also Music for BandandWind Ensemble and Bernstein Anthology Volume 2
See also Presto Barbaro

SYMPHONY NO. 1: Jeremiah (1942)   [24']
For Orchestra and Mezzo-Soprano
I. Prophecy II. Profanation III. Lamentation (Bible   [H])
"For my father"
FP: 28 January 1944/Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh/Jennie Tourel, (M); PSO; LB, cond.
New York Music Critics Circle Award, 1944
2.picc.2.corA.EIcl.bcl.2.dbn - - timp.perc(3-4):SD/BD/cyms/susp.cym/tgl/wdbl/ maracas - pft - strings
FSB 597 Full score   [1992 edition, by arrangement with Warner Bros., Inc.]

Note: Lamentation for mezzo-soprano and orchestra is available separately.

See also Profanation in Music for Band and Wind Ensemble

SYMPHONY NO. 2: The Age of Anxiety (after W. H. Auden)   [36']
For Piano and Orchestra(1949, rev. 1965)
Part I: a. The Prologue b. The Seven Ages (Variations 1-7) c. The Seven Stages (Variations 8-14) Part II: a. The Dirge b. The Masque c. The Epilogue
"For Serge Koussevitzky, in tribute"
Commissioned by the Koussevitzky Foundation
FP: Dirge premiered 28 November 1948, Tel Aviv/LB, piano/IPO; Georg Singer, cond.
FP: 8 April 1949/Symphony Hall, Boston/LB, piano; BSO; Serge Koussevitzky, cond.
FP (rev.): 15 July 1965/Philharmonic Hall, NY/Philippe Entremont, piano; NYP; LB, cond.
2.picc.2.corA.2.bcl.2.dbn - - timp.perc(3-4):SD/TD/BD/cyms/susp.cym/tam-t/tgl/ ad lib) - pianino - strings
FSB-465 Full score
PFB-153 Two pianos

SYMPHONY NO. 3: Kaddish (1963)   [40']
For Orchestra, Mixed Chorus, Boys' Choir, Speaker, Soprano Solo
Spoken text by LB (E); Prayer text in Aramaic & Hebrew
I. Invocation (Kaddish 1) II. Din-Torah (Kaddish 2) III. Scherzo (Kaddish 3), Finale
"To the Beloved Memory of John F. Kennedy"
FP: 10 December 1963/Frederich Mann Auditorium, Tel Aviv/Hannah Rovina, speaker; Jennie Tourel (M), choirs under direction of Abraham Kaplan; IPO; LB, cond.
Revised version: (1977)
FP: 25 August 1977/Mainz, West Germany/Michael Wager, speaker; Montserrat Caballé (S) Wiener Jeunesse Chor, Wiener Sängerknaben; IPO, LB, cond.
4(III=afl,IV=picc).2.corA.EIcl.bcl.asax.2.dbn - 4.4(IV=Dtpt).3.1 - 5timp.perc(4): SD/TD/
BD/field dr/hand dr(Israeli)/3bongos/cyms/2susp.cym/antique cym/finger cym/chimes/tam-t/ tgl/claves/ - harp - cel.pft - strings

FSB-469 Study score
Note: Kaddish 2 for soprano, women's voices and orchestra is available separately

See also Canon from Symphony No. 3: Kaddish and Kaddish under Choral Works

See Works for Voice(s) and Orchestra
See also 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue under Theater Works

I.The Great Lover Displays Himself ("To Sono Osato")
II. Lonely Town: Pas de Deux ("To Betty Comden")
III.Times Square: 1944 ("To Nancy Walker")
FP: 3 February 1946/Civic Auditorium, San Francisco/San Francisco Symphony Orchestra; LB, cond.
1(=picc).1.3(I=EIcl,II=asax,III=bcl).0 - - timp.perc(2):SD/BD/traps/susp.cym/ tgl/wdbl/xyl - pft - strings
M-060-10761-0 Study score (in Bernstein Orchestral AnthologyVolume 1)

See Bernstein Orchestral Anthology Volume 1 . Also Music for Band and Wind Ensemble , Piano Works, and On The Town under Theater Works

I. Galop (1'30")II. Waltz (2'30") III. Danzon (2'30")
FP: 21 January 1946/NYCS, LB cond.
2(II=picc).2.2.2 - - timp.perc(2-3):SD/BD/cyms/susp.cym/cowbell(ad lib)/tgl/wdbl - pft - strings
Score and parts on rental

See Bernstein Orchestral Anthology Volume 2 and Fancy Free . Also Music for Band and Wind Ensemble .

For Violoncello and Orchestra
"To Mstislav Rostropovich"
FP: 11 October 1977/Kennedy Ctr., Washington, D.C./Mstislav Rostropovich, cello; NSO; LB, cond.
Timp.perc(3):2SD/BD/tom-t/3hand drs/cyms/susp.cym/tgl/tamb/gourds/xyl/glsp/ marimba/vib - organ - pft - harp - strings
FSB-468 Full score
SCB-113 Solo part

See also Chamber Music and Mass underTheater Works

(Rilke)   [4'30"]
Orchestrated by Sid Ramin
2.0.2. - perc(2):timp./glsp/vibr - harp - strings
Score and parts on rental See also Songs and Song Cycles

(1971) [8']
For Orchestra
FP: 31 October 1971/Austin, Texas/Austin Symphony Orchestra; Maurice Peress, cond.

Timp.perc(2):2SD/cyms/susp.cyms/ - organs(lg & sm) -pft - harp - strings

See Bernstein Orchestral Anthology Volume 2 . See also Music for Band and Wind Ensemble and Mass under Theater Works.
Regarding Meditation III for Orchestra , see Works Withdrawn

(1997)   [90']
Scenes from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Concert
Book and Lyrics: Alan Jay Lerner
Orchestration: Sid Ramin and Hershy Kay
Act I : 1. Prelude 2. Ten Square Miles by the Potomac River 2a. If I Was a Dove
3. Welcome Home, Miz Adams 4. Take Care of This House 5. The President Jefferson Sunday Luncheon March 6. Seena 7. Sonatina 8. Lud's Wedding (I Love My Wife)
9. The Monroviad 10. This Time 11. We Must Have a Ball
Act II : 12. Welcome Home, Miz Johnson 13. Bright and Black 14. Duet for One 14a. Hail Garfield 15a-d. The Money-Lovin' Minstrel Show: Minstrel Parade, Pity the Poor, The Red, White and Blues, The Grand Old Party 16. To Make Us Proud
FP: 8 July, 1997/Barbican Centre, London/Nancy Gustafson, Dietrich Henschel, Jacqueline Miura, Thomas Young/London Voices/LSO; Kent Nagano, cond.
3(II&III=picc).1..3(II=cbcl,ssax.III=EXcl) - - timp.perc(2):traps /TD/SD/low field drum/3 pitched drums/concertBD/thunder sheet/glsp/vibr/xyl/ flexatone/tgl/tamb/cyms/susp cym/tam-t/2wdbl/2cowbells/gourd/bones/ whistle/chow bell/car horn/chimes - guit/elec guit/banjo - harp - piano/electric keyboard:organ/harpsichord/calliope/harmonium - vlns1&2.vcls1&2.cb

Vocal score in preparation

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