Choral Works

CANDIDE (1956)
SATB choruses (arranged by Robert Page)
OCTB-6242 Best of All Possible Worlds [3']
OCTB-6245 It Must Be So [2'30"]
OCTB-6244 Life Is Happiness Indeed [2'30"]
OCTB-6222 Make Our Garden Grow   [4']
OCTB-6243 This World [3'30"]

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CANON IN FIVE PARTS from Kaddish, Symphony No. 3 (1963)   [1']
For Boys' Choir
FP: 18 December 1979/Brick Presbyterian Church, NY/Maala Roos, cond.
OCTB-6345 Boys' Choir

LCB-214 Piano-vocal score
ENB-264 Version for Organ, Percussion and Harp
SATB (first movement only)   [3'30"]
OCTB-6652 SATB (second movement only)   [5'30"]

See also Concert Works

SATB (arranged by Larry Moore)
OCTB-6742 TTBB (arranged by Larry Moore)

THE FIRSTBORN (1958)   [2']
Incidental music for the play by Christopher Fry
Lyrics: LB (H)
Israelite Chorus (1958) for SATB , three sets of Hand Drums, French Horn and Clarinet
FP: 29 April 1958/Coronet Theater, New York
In preparation

See Works Withdrawn

HASHKIVEINU (1945)   [6']
For Cantor (Tenor), SATB Choir and Organ
Prayer text: from Sabbath Evening service (H)
FP: 11 May 1945/Park Avenue Synagogue, NY/Cantor David Putterman, Max Helfman, cond.
OCTB-6725   [Edition 1993, Jack Gottlieb, Ed.]
(Also in G. Schirmer collection: Synagogue Music by Contemporary Composers, out-of-print)

'if you can't eat you got to' (1973, rev. 1977)   [2']
Tenor solo, TTBB, optional string bass and percussion (SD/BD/cyms/tgl)
Poem: E. E. Cummings
  [Written for the Krocodillos (male glee club) at Harvard, originally entitled A Little Norton Lecture]
FP: 1973/Signet Society, Harvard University/The Krokodillos
OCTB-6043 TTBB chorus
See Songfest : No. 8, version for mixed voices under Concert Works

THE INTERMISSION'S GREAT (1940s)   [2'30"]
Lyrics: Betty Comden & Adolph Green
Originally written for On The Town
In preparation

THE LARK (1955)   [11']
SATB with Countertenor Solo or Septet of Solo Voices A Cappella (with ad lib percussion)
French choruses based on Medieval folk songs and Latin choruses from the Roman mass.
Available separately:
LCB-216 Full vocal score (with hand drum & tubular bells)
LCB-215 French choruses only (with hand drum)
LCB-240 French choruses, arr. for TTBB by C. Carnahan
OCTB-6623 Prelude, seven part mixed chorus
OCTB-6625 Sanctus
OCTB-6343 Soldier's Song SATB or TTBB

See also Missa Brevis (below) and Theater Works

MASS (1971)
OCTB-6357 Almighty Father, SATB a cappella [1'30"]
OCTB-6342 Almighty Father, TTBB a cappella [1'30"]
OCTB-6344 Gloria Tibi, Tsolo, SA [2']
OCTB-6353 Sanctus, SATB [3'30"]
OCTB-6916 A Simple Song, unison voices, flute and piano [4'45"]
See also Theater Works

MISSA BREVIS (1988)   [9'30"]
For Mixed Chorus or Vocal Septet and Countertenor A Cappella (with ad lib Percussion)
Based on Latin Choruses and Spring Song from The Lark (1955)
Amplified for church performance with the assistance of George Steel
"For Bob Shaw"

1. Kyrie Eleison (2timp ad lib) 2. Gloria (bells) 3. Sanctus 3A. Benedictus (cyms/bells/tam-t) 4. Agnus Dei 4a. Dona Nobis Pacem (hand dr/tabor/tamb, etc.)
FP of 1st version: 21 April 1988/Atlanta, Georgia/Atlanta Symphony Orchestra & Chorus, Robert Shaw, cond.

Vocal score

PETER PAN (1950)
OCTB-6346 Plank Round; solo Bar, TTBB and piano
Pirate Song (in preparation)
See also Theater Works

(1947)   [2']
See Concert Works

Written for the Krokodillos, Male Glee club at Harvard University
Lyrics: LB
In preparation

SIMCHU NA (1947)   [2'30"]
For SATB Chorus and Piano   [Melody & Lyrics: Matityahu Weiner (H)]
Setting by Leonard Bernstein
In preparation

TAKE CARE OF THIS HOUSE (from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue)   [3']
Arrangements by Arnold Freed
OCTB-6135 SATB chorus
OCTB-6136 SA, SSA or SAB chorus
See also Theater Works

THERE IS A GARDEN (from Trouble In Tahiti )   [3'45"
OCTB-6816 Unison voices and piano

WARM-UP, Round for Mixed Chorus (1970) 1'30"]
Lyrics (bell-like and scat sounds): LB
"For Abraham Kaplan and his singers"
FP: 7 December 1969/Philharmonic Hall, NY/Camerata Singers, Abraham Kaplan, cond.
(Used as Alleluia in Mass )   [

America OCTB-7101 (SSA)/ OCTB-7100 (SATB)   [3']
I Feel Pretty OCTB-7102 (SSA)   [3'30"]
Maria OCTB-7103 (SATB)   [1'30"]
OCTB-7104 (SATB, pops version)/ OCTB-7105 (TTBB)
One Hand, One Heart OCTB-7106 (SATB)/ OCTB-7107 (SSA)   [2'30"]
Somewhere OCTB-7110 (SATB)/ OCTB-7111 (SSA)   [3'30"]
Tonight OCTB-7112 (SATB)/ OCTB07113 (SSA)   [2'15"]
Choral Medley OCTB-7109 (SATB)/ ENB-467 (instrumental parts)   [7']
WSS Selections OCTB-7108 (SATB)   [8']

WONDERFUL TOWN (1953)   [3']
The Wrong Note Rag
SATB (arranged by Larry Moore)
In preparation

YIGDAL (1950)   [1'30"]
Round for Chorus and Piano
Prayer text: from Sabbath Evening service (H)
  [Written for United Synagogue Commission on Jewish Education. Printed in The Songs We Sing (Harry Coopersmith, ed.), p377, The United Synagogue of America, NYC ]
In preparation

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