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Beethoven's Fifth Symphony was the subject of Bernstein's first Omnibus program. This is Bernstein's copy of the score.

The topic of Bernstein's first Omnibus program the genesis of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony using the composer's sketchbooks was based on research done by musicologist Wheeler Beckett. However, it was Bernstein who wrote the script, and transformed this scholarly subject into a form that was understandable to a general television audience. This is a handwritten draft of the script. Although there would be many subsequent drafts before the script was finalized, the overall concept, structure and even much of the language of the program is already present.

This typewritten draft of the script for Bernstein's Omnibus debut also includes indications for the visual design of the show. Although the text here resembles what Bernstein actually would say on the air, the various drafts show Bernstein and the program's producers working doggedly—like Beethoven—to make the language as economical and potent as possible.

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