Prelude, Fugue & Riffs

To Our Readers

by Jamie Bernstein

We were pretty sure people weren't forgetting who Leonard Bernstein was, but now, as his 90th birthday year gets underway, the veritable cavalcade of events being prepared in his honor is making us feel like Bernstein is more on the map than ever. All over the world, orchestras, soloists, opera companies and publishers are cooking up every sort of celebration. Candide is sprouting like kudzu. The symphonies are being programmed at a record pace.

We're only sorry that Leonard Bernstein's devoted helpmates, Harry Kraut, Margaret Carson and Robert Lantz, will miss the festivities this year. The scope of the Carnegie Hall – New York Philharmonic partnership in celebrating Bernstein's 90th this fall is very much in the grand Harry Kraut tradition of ambitious projects reaching out to the maximum audience. And how we will miss Ms. Carson and Mr. Lantz in the audience, adding their keen observations and dry wit to the proceedings.

Meanwhile, throughout all the hoopla, the Leonard Bernstein Center continues to do the work closest to Bernstein's heart: bringing the love of learning to children and teachers alike, in ever-increasing numbers of school districts across the country, and making inroads in Germany and Asia as well.

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