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Teachers Reflect on The Bernstein Model

The Bernstein Model has changed the way I teach. It has made me think outside the box. It has helped me create an environment within my classroom where students are comfortable to be creative and take risks in their own learning.
Kristy Dietzenbach

The Bernstein model for teaching has inspired me to be a better teacher and truly have a passion for what I do. Everyday, I come to school excited and ready to teach my students. Incorporating the arts into everyday learning at school is a powerful way for all students to be successful in their learning.
Britni Johnson
Special Education Teacher

Bernstein has expanded my repertoire of good teaching practices with arts-based strategies that are highly engaging and interactive. Bernstein has expanded my knowledge of the arts and increased my awareness of artful expression.
Judy Snyder
Kindergarten Teacher

The Bernstein Model has brought passion, excitement, and ownership to my teaching. The same three words can be used for how my students feel about their learning through the Bernstein Model. It's a collaborative effort with teachers, students, administrators and the community – and IT WORKS!
Mrs. Cooper
Fourth Grade Teacher

The Bernstein model is the be all, end all, for me. I adore the model. It teaches concepts via curriculum and that is what life is about – understanding concepts. If we can send forth balanced kids, who can adapt and understand systems that they will encounter in life, I think we have done a good job in fourth grade. Each of our units not only covers integrated curriculum but also relates the concept to the child and their lives. I am enthralled with the art education I have acquired through choosing master works. I even served as a docent at the Des Moines Art Center for a group I belong to. I have learned to play the violin. The little bit I know about the arts has whetted my appetite for learning more. I hope the Bernstein model does that for our students. I think at Hillside we provide an environment and curriculum that not only gives students a deeper understanding of the curriculum but excites them as well. They feel more powerful and confident. They know they belong to the Bernstein environment. They have the freedom to explore the inner artist in themselves, and most of all, it is such great fun for all of us. I think the Artful Learning Model is the BEST thing to happen to education, kids, and me!
Candy McMains
Fourth Grade Teacher

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