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* = reprinted in LB's book Findings
** = reprinted in the The Joy Of Music
*** = reprinted in LB's The Infinite Variety of Music

N.B. Most reprintings are different versions from the originals

Honor Thesis

*"The Absorption of Race Elements into American Music" Harvard University, 1939


[Numbers in parentheses = month/year of publication]

Season of Premieres in Boston", Modern Music, Vol. XV, No. 2 (1/38) pp. 103-106: Review of Violin Concerto No. 2 by Prokefiev, etc

* "Boston Carries On", Modern Music, Vol. XV No. 4 (5-6/38) pp. 239-241: Review of various Prokofiev works, and other composers

* "True Story With a Moral", Harvard Advocate, 1938 "Music", Harvard Advocate, (11/38) pp. 27-28: review of BSO concert and Siegmeister's "Music and Society"

"Record Review", Harvard Advocate, (3/39), pp. 30-31 Reprinted in Undergraduate Writing of Distinguished Graduates, Donald Hall, editor, New York: Twayne, Inc.

"The Latest From Boston", Modern Music, Vol XVI, No. 3 (3-4/39) pp. 182-194: review of Schuman Symphony No. 2 & Harris Symphony No. 3

"Young American, William Schuman", Modern Music, Vol. XIX, No. 2 (1/42) pp. 97-99: review of Schuman Symphony No. 3

"Neglected Works: A Symposium", Modern Music, Vol. XXIII, No. 3 (1/46) Reprinted in Perspectives of New Music, Spring-Summer 1964, pp. 33-34

"The Arts Belong to the People", The Christian Register, Vol. CXXV, No. 2 (2/46)

* "Music and the Dance", Dance Magazine, (6/46) Meaning of "fun" and its role in making music

"Jazz Forum: Has Jazz Influenced the Symphony?", Esquire, (2/47) pp. 47, 152-153 (Con: Gene Krupa, Pro: LB, concluding that symphonists have not captured the true spirit of jazz, but that jazz rhythms have had a marked influence on such composers.)

"The Essense of Music Study", Etude Magazine, Vol. LXV (4/46), p. 294 LB's early views on music education

"Musical Trends in Palestine Viewed By An American Visitor", New York Herald Tribune, (8/31/47)

"The Negro in Music", New York Times, (11/2/47)

* "Music U.S.A., 1947". Sponsored by RCA Records for various newspapers

* "Life is Juicy", poem, Neurotica, Vol. I, No. 1 (Spring 48), p. 40

"Note On Variety", Strawinsky in the Theatre, A Symposium, Minna Lederman, editor, Dance Index, Vol, VI, Nos. 10-12 (1947), p. 283. Published in Hardcover: New York: Pellegrini and Cudahy, 1949

"Music That Sings", Theater Arts, Vol. XXXII, No. 2, pp. 14-16 (2/38) Records in review; presages later views on Mahler Symphony No. 5

"Music and Miss Stein", New York Times Book Review (5/22/49) Review of Last Operas and Plays by Gertrude Stein

"Prelude to a Musical", New York Times (10/30/49) Re Marc Blitzstein's Regina

"The Jazz Scene Today", Downbeat, Vol. XX, No. 12, p. 25 (6/17/53)

** "Why Beethoven?", Seven Arts, No. 2, pp. 33-40, New York: Doubleday, 1954

* "This I Believe", in anthology of same title, Edward R. Murrow, editor New York: Simon and Schuster, 1954

** "Notes Struck At `Upper Dubbing', California", New York Times (5/30/54) On problems in writing the score to On the Waterfront

** " Symphony or Musical Comedy?", The Atlantic, Vol. CLCIV (11/54), pp.25-29

** "A Nice Gershwin Tune", The Atlantic, Vol. CLCV (4/55), pp. 39-42

** "The World of Jazz", Vogue, Vol. CXXVII (3/15/56), pp. 103-05, 142-45

"Colloquy in Boston", New York Times (11/18/56) A struggle of conscience in defining Candide as operetta

"Letter from the Conductor", Jacket note for LB recording of Handel Messiah, CBS M2l-242. Reply to criticism of LB's editing of the score.

"Leonard Bernstein Explores American Musical Comedy", Vogue, Vol. CXXIX (2/1/57), pp. 158-159, 208-211

"The World of Jazz", Film Music, Vol. XVI (Spring 1057), pp. 20-24 Script notes for the Omnibus television program

** "Speaking of Music", The Atlantic, Vol. CC, No. 6 (12/1957), pp. 104-106

"Notes, That's What I Mean By Musical Meaning", New Republic, Vol. CXXXVIII, No. 23 Interview with Henry Brandon, (6/9/58), pp. 13-16

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Preface to book: Jazz Improvisation by John Mehegan New York: Watson-Guptil, 1958

** "What Makes Opera Grand?", Vogue, Vol. CXXXII (12/1958),pp. 12021, 157ff.

"Only a Beginning", Institute of International Education News Bulletin, Vol. XXXIV, No. 6 (2/1959), pp. 25-26

Foreword to book: A Teacher Speaks by Philip Marson. David McKay Co., 1960

*** "Nobody Listens Anymore, George", Show, Vol. II, No. 2 (2/1962), pp. 92-94

"The Double Mahler", Boston Symphony Orchestra Notes (10/12/62), pp, 215-216

Introduction to book: The Art of Pedaling by Heinrich Gebhard, New York: Franco Columbo, Inc., 1963

* "Letter to Marc ", National Institute of Arts and Letters (12/15/64) Tribute to Marc Blitzstein

* "What I Thought and What I Did", New York Times (10/24/65)

"Tribute to Aaron Copland on His 65th Birthday", The American Record Guide (11/1965)

* "Mahler: His Time Has Come", High Fidelity Magazine (4/1967)

* "Letter to Franz Endler", (German) Die Presse, Vienna (5/23-24/70) For Contennial anniversary of Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde

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* "Aaron Copland: An Intimate Sketch", High Fidelity Magazine (11/1970)

*Introduction to biography: George Gershwin by Charles Schwartz, New York: Bobbs Merrill, 1973

"Eulogy for Jennie Tourel", New York Times (12/9/73)

* "Aaron and Moses", for Copland's 75th Birthday, Schwann Record Catalog (11/75) Reprinted from Alice Tully Hall (NYC) program notes (11/12)

Article on Kurt Weill for Weill exhibit catalog, Lincoln Center (10/76)

Introduction to book: Sing, Children, Sing, Carl Miller, Ed. UNICEF (1977)

*Foreword to book: Stille (German) by Alexandra Von Malaise. Molden Edition, Graphische Kunst (Vienna 1977)

Foreword to book: The Music of Israel by Peter Gradenwitz. Horizon, 1978

Introduction to book: The Beatles by Geoffrey Stokes. New York: Times Books, A Rolling Stone Press Book, 1980

Introduction to The Beethoven Nine Symphonies, Booklet Deutsche Grammophon 1980

Introduction to book: The World of Seiji Ozawa by Akira Kinoshita (in Japanese) Tokyo: Kodansha Co., Ltd., 1981

Introduction to book: William Schuman Documentary by Christopher Rouse, Bryn Mawr: Theodore Presser Co., 1980

"Bernstein on Brahms" Brahms Four Symphonies, jacket notes, DG 2741023 1983

"The Truth About a Legend", from Glenn Gould By Himself and His Friends, John McGreevy, ed., Toronto: Doubleday Canada Ltd., 1983

"Lemon Mousse" from How To Cook Reagan's Goose: A Political Cookbook, Washington, D.C., The Women's Nation Democratic Club, 1984

Contribution to Mademoiselle: Conversations With Nadia Boulanger By Bruno Monsaingeon, Manchester, England: Carcanet, 1085, pp. 117-119.

"Late Night Thoughts on Mahler's Ninth", Atlantic, 1985

"Ode, um vor der ersten `Siegfried-'Probe rezitiert zu werden"(German) ("Ode to be recited before the first `Siegfried' rehearsal") Vienna State Opera Program, May 21, 1985 "The Plausibility of Hope" (Letter to the Editor), Harper's Magazine, September 1985

"Symposium: West Side Story", Terrence McNally, moderator with the four authors. New York: The Dramatists Guild Quarterly, Autumn 1985

"Die Wiener Philharmoniker", Foreword by Leonard Bernstein, J &V Edition, Vienna, 1986

"La Mia Bohéme" (in Italian), Rome: Musica e Dossier, December 1987 Epilogue to "A Bridge to Peace" by Dr. Kevin Cahill, New York: Haymarket Press, 1988

Original Program Notes by LB On His Music

* indicates reprinting on published score and /or recording

* Jeremiah: New York Philmarmonic Notes, 29 March 1944

*Three Dance Variations from Fancy Free: New York City Symphony Orchestra Notes, 21 January 1946

*Three Dance Episodes from On the Town: Rochester Philharmonic Notes, 28 February 1946

* Facsimile: Rochester Philharmonic Notes, 3 March 1947

* Serenade: Boston Syphony Orchestra Notes, 15 April 1955

Symphonic Suite from On the Waterfront: Berkshire Evening Eagle, 10 August 1955

Mass: Kennedy Center Program, 8 September, 1971

Dybbuk Suites: New York Philharmonic Notes, 3 & 17 April 1977

*Halil: Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Notes, 23 May 1981

Chichester Psalms: part of New York Philharmonic Notes, 22 September 1988

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