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On the Town, directed by Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen/Lennie Hayton, music director(MGM, 1949). Color 16mm, videotape & laser videodisc available from MGM/United Artists. 98'.
Used only four Bernstein numbers: "I Feel Like I'm Not Out Of Bed Yet/New York, New York" (adapted)/"Miss Turnstiles Dance" (adapted)/"Come Up To My Place"/"A Day in New York Ballet" (adapted from Times Square Ballet, Lonely Town Pas De Deux & Imaginary Coney Island). All other music was not by Bernstein.

On The Waterfront, directed by Elia Kazan (Columbia, 1964). Black & white 16mm available from Films, Inc. Videotape available from RCA/Columbia Pictures. 108'. Background score by Bernstein. Morris Stoloff, Music Director.

West Side Story, directed by Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise/Johnny Green, music director (United Artists, 1961). Voted "Best Picture of the Year", earned 10 Oscars, 1961.
Color 16mm, videotape and laser videodisc available from MGM/United Artists. 162'. Laserdisc taken directly off a 65MM print and supervised by co-director Robert Wise.


Reflections, produced by Peter Rosen for US International Communications Agency, a film exploring LB's career. Not available in USA. Elsewhere in the world, available through US embassies.

Journey to Jerusalem (1967), directed by Michael Mindlin, with Jennie Tourel/Natania Devrath/Isaac Stern/Tel Aviv Philharmonic Choir/LB conducting the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra on Mount Scopus, Jerusalem, after the Six Day War. Distributed by Orion Films.

There have been numerous uses of LB music in documentary and feature film soundtracks. A large portion of Fancy Free is heard in Rear Window (Hitchcock).

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